David Whelan Enterprises

David Whelan Enterprises (DWE Surveyors) has been in business since 2011. David Whelan the company MD has been surveying since 1999. He started out with small survey practices and moved on to work with larger developers and civil engineering companies.  He went out on his own in 2011 due to the downturn in the construction industry and wider economy.

DWE has been able to provide his clients with accurate,  on time,  relevant surveys with an onus on the needs of the project.  

DWE has worked with some of the best and brightest in the building industry including:

Roadbridge (Berth 35 Dublin Port)

Oakmount (Unnamed Distillery, Leinster Hotel, Dublin etc)

SISK (Capital Dock)

PJ Edwards (Capital Dock, Burlington House, Linkedin Lad Lane)

INTEL (Fab 24)

DPS (Intel)

Max Braide Surveyors (Aus)

Roadstone (M11)

Dunwoody and Dobson (Diageo)

Kilwex (Dublin Airport)

Clonmel Enterprises


Kiernan Steel

DWE provide simple topographical surveys to intricate and detailed site set-out to monitoring and aerial surveys – we do it all and give you, the client, the information you require.  We also use the latest in laser scanning techniques to allow for road surveys, building surveys, mechanical and all industrial services to be surveyed.

There is not a lot of surveying area’s that DWE has not touched on.  

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2020-10-29 12.38.05




Student Precinct UCD Dublin (Dunwoody & Dobson)


Burlington House Burlington Road Dublin (PJ Edwards)


Coultry Park Ballymun Dublin (Kilwex)


Coultry Park Ballymun Dublin (Kilwex)


Castlelyon Newcastle Dublin (Kilwex)