Point Campus Survey Monitoring Dublin, Ireland.
2017-01-20 12.53.39

Rothbucher Systeme Rotatable Prism

2017-02-09 11.40.16

Rothbucher Systeme Resumption Point







David Whelan Enterprises was tasked with monitoring ground movements on the new Point Campus Student Accommodation site for Bennett Construction through Environmental Measurements and Walmac.

We worked along with engineering consultancy Arup and project managers KSN Project Management to keep disturbance of existing business surrounding the site to a minimum.

We installed 16 Monitoring studs to measure movement in level and 2 prisms.  The prisms were installed using the Rothbucher resumption point and rotatable prism system.

Instruments used:

Leica TS15i 1″ robotic total station.

NA2 Level with parallel plate micrometer.