We supply professional surveying services to the construction, engineering and mapping markets in Ireland and the UK.

A project’s survey requirements change as it moves through the different phases of its lifecycle: Study, Design, Construction, As-built.  David Whelan can advise of the most appropriate survey methodology to employ to safely and efficiently achieve the desired accuracy to meet design and regulatory requirements during each phase.

Part of our survey methodology is tailoring the correct combination of technologies to your project goals. Our Consulting Surveyors can design the right mix of aerial survey and ground based survey techniques to create the most cost effective solution that will meet your accuracy requirements and time constraints.

Mistakes during pre-construction stage cost companies millions per year.  Save money and prepare correctly with accurate surveys.  Productivity will increase for your company due to clear concise and accurate surveying and communication of information.  We pride ourselves on getting the information that you need.  We save you money with our attention to detail and swift output of information.

Data Management:
David Whelan Enterprises back-up all surveys or set-out data on a professionally maintained business server system accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.